High Level Advisory and Expert Testimony

With a vast global knowledge, a thorough understanding of all the facets of the upstream oil and gas industry, and experience in linking the technical to the commercial, Minerva is able to offer to Chairmen, Boards of Directors and Senior Management a unique skill set to provide a truly independent and experience- grounded view.

With a history of providing expert witness testimony, Minerva offers it services to parties requiring a  a skilled industry expert to assist in arbitrations and disputes

Due Diligence for A&D

With global experience across most of the producing countries and basins, and in acquiring and divesting assets, Minerva's knowledge is a great addition to oil and gas companies' or investors' due diligence processes and execution. Minerva is a very skilled and experienced organiser and manager of due diligence teams by creating tailored scopes of work ensuring that focus is directed at the major factors influencing oil and gas fields when undertaking a due diligence exercise and that the outcomes of the work serve the purpose for which they were intended

Reserves and Resources Advice

Minerva provides expert advice in the application of all the recognised standards for reserves and resources; SPE PRMS, SEC, COGEH etc. Minerva is experieced as a reserves auditor, has worked with many of the global stock exchanges and is able to assist in tailoring reserves and reporting for IPO, for ongoing and annual reporting requirements, for A&D or for attracting financial investment.

With Minerva's commercial experience incorporated in this work, Minerva is able to link the world of reserves and resources between the technical function and the financial function within companies